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SEC Intelligence is making products that derive meaning from the unstructured content of the SEC filings. We assist Law firms, Financial Institutions and other businesses in quickly finding the documents they need from SEC filings and getting the relevant information for their business.

Deal IQ is the product featuring all types of agreements extracted from SEC Filings. Deal IQ can help you find quickly the relevant contracts you need from public SEC filings. Try it now.

S-Loans is the product focused on Syndicated Loans extracted from SEC Filings. S-Loans can help you find quickly the relevant loan documents you need from public SEC filings. Try it now.

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Deal IQ

Deal IQ is enabling Law firms, Investment firms and other professionals to find contracts from SEC filings.

Deal IQ has the ability to recognize which SEC filing document is a contract and which one is not.

Deal IQ serves only contracts: contracts are not buried within an undifferentiated mass of other SEC documents.

Deal IQ automatically classifies the contracts in various categories allowing you to pinpoint the contracts you want.

Deal IQ does extract as well a number of contract attributes that are made searchable.

Deal IQ is updated daily with the latest contracts from SEC filings

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S-Loans is a repository focused on Syndicated Loan agreements and meant for industry actors with special interest in the loan market.

S-Loans is powered by intelligent algorithms for automatically identifying and extracting Syndicated Loans from SEC filings.

S-Loans is tailored to the loan agreements specifics and provides intelligent classification into various categories.

S-Loans provides an intuitive interface for results filtering and navigation.

S-Loans is updated daily with the latest Loans from SEC filings

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During the past few years we have witnessed the rise of Bitcoin and the multiplication of crypto-currencies with a total market capitalization that has reached several hundred billions of dollars. At the same time there has been an exponential growth of ICOs (Initial Coins Offering) resulting in hundreds of Ethereum tokens that are traded in various exchanges. Crypto-currencies have shown to be very volatile and ICO tokens have often become worthless resulting in many cases in heavy losses for investors.

Derivatives will allow investors to better manage the risk of their portfolios, and will open up new opportunities for speculation. The use of derivatives instruments for financial transactions is actually deeply rooted in history and today the size of the derivatives market on existing financial infrastructure is around $1.2 quadrillion or more than ten times the total world GDP. It is just a matter of time for derivatives to be fully developed in the case of the crypto-currencies and the tokens markets. Actually in 2018 Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley have already started clearing Bitcoin futures contracts.

It is our belief that the market is in need of a much wider offer of derivatives instruments on crypto assets as well as crypto settled derivatives on traditional financial indices. We chose Ethereum blockchain as the first target for deploying those instruments given its well established smart contracts capabilities and the great variety of tokens already trading on the platform. Our aim is to create a decentralized derivatives market, therefore being non-custodial of users funds, eliminating the need for a regulated central clearing house and providing global and equal access.


Leveraged products

No clearing house

Deals are peer to peer

Higher leverage

All financial indices covered


On Ether, Bitcoin and ERC20 tokens

No counterparty risk

Trade standard options

Issue your own bespoke

Efficient decentralized exchange

Off-chain order book , On-chain settlement

Trustless , non-custodial

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