If you have ever tried searching for contracts filed with the SEC using the EDGAR search you know it is not an easy task. One pointer is that a good number can be found under exhibit 10 but not all of them are contracts. Moreover many contracts are filed within multiple other types of exhibits On top of that Edgar search is very broad and does not allow you to search only exhibits. So you end up with search results containing all sorts of documents and you have to open them one by one to find out if a document is a contract or not. And if you are interested only in a particular type of contracts (Services Agreement for instance) your task becomes even more complicated. And then what if you only want a particular type of contracts in a specific industry ?

So you quickly realize that trying to find contracts using the EDGAR search can become a task of colossal proportion.

At SEC Intelligence we have already done the heavy lifting of extracting all the contracts from SEC filings and classifying them by contract type, by industry, and by many other attributes. Finding SEC filed contracts is as easy as clicking the search button. What you get in your search results are just contracts and nothing else. Results are organized in such a way that you can easily drill down to any category of your choice or by applying various filters.
Our contracts database contains contracts all the way back to 1996 and it is updated daily with the latest contracts extracted from SEC filings.

Give it a try today through our basic free subscription or contact us if you have questions or if would like a demo.